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Episode 75

Kyron Holden

The Champion Slayer 

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Kyron Holden

Redefining the norm, Kyron Holden an IFBB pro, takes us on an extraordinary journey. His metamorphosis from a challenging upbringing to achieving a game-changing victory in Men’s Physique, his unique training techniques, and his remarkable resilience amidst legal pitfalls are just the tip of the iceberg. Kyron’s tale is a testament to the power of determination, grit, and the understanding that everyone is capable of transformation, regardless of their circumstances.

Living amidst the temptations of Las Vegas, Kyron’s ability to maintain focus is truly awe-inspiring. His secret to success? An amalgamation of a holistic approach to bodybuilding, incorporating unconventional practices like yoga, cold exposure, and metaphysics into his regimen. Harnessing the power of energy comes naturally to Kyron, who draws from even the most negative experiences, using them as fuel to push boundaries and manifest success.

From his experiences in foster care and time in the Navy, to his transformation for the Mr. Olympia, Kyron’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. The podcast also sheds light on the aftermath of the false allegations levied against him, and how he turned around these challenges to his advantage. In the end, Kyron’s story is not just about achieving greatness in physique, but also about appreciating the support he received along the way. His unwavering belief in his purpose and his ability to transform negativity into positivity will undoubtedly inspire you to reevaluate your goals and the energy you put into achieving them. Tune in for an episode that celebrates the triumph of the human spirit, resilience, and the will to succeed, against all odds.





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The Champion Slayer 

Episode #75

00:00:00 – Intro
00:09:49 – Living in Las Vegas
– Holistic Lifestyle and Metaphysical Interests
00:21:45 – The Concept of Magic and Synchronicities
00:33:28 – Challenges and Support in Foster Care
00:44:53 – Navy Experience and Personal Challenges
00:55:25 – Training and Transformation for Mr. Olympia
01:07:53 – Harnessing Dark Energy for Motivation
01:16:46 – Preparing for Mr. Olympia
01:21:20 – Achieving Greatness and Appreciating Support
01:26:12 – Appreciation for a Champion