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Episode 74

Darren Sadler

Strength Obsession to Strongman Stardom

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Darren Sadler

Pack your bags and join me on a thrilling journey with our guest, Darren Sadler, the promoter extraordinaire behind Giants Live and a four-time World’s Strongest Man competitor. We navigate his exciting voyage to Las Vegas, to potentially expand Giants Live into Sin City. Darren candidly shares his solo experience, and our conversation extends to the imminent World Tour Final event in Scotland.

You’ll learn more about these strongman competitors, from their humble Scottish highland roots to their successful careers in the world of strength. Discover the appeal Mitchell Hooper brings to the sport as we discuss his journey from reserve to World’s Strongest Man. Later, we’ll listen to Darren’s personal journey from a strength-training-obsessed teenager to a renowned strongman.

Finally, we’ll contemplate the future of Giants Live Company and the strongman sport. As Darren shares insights about the success of strongmen like Eddie Hall, Brian Shaw, and Thor Björnsson, we’ll delve into the impact of social media on this physically demanding sport. So, buckle up for this explosive discourse on strength, passion, and the future of the strongman sport.





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Strength Obsession to Strongman Stardom

Episode #74

00:00:00 – Intro
00:04:38 – Conversation About Strongman Competitors
00:13:20 – Evolution of Strongman and Giants Live
00:20:09 – Promoting Strongman Events and Defending Reputation
00:25:43 – Promoting Strongman and Building Athletes
00:39:08 – From Teenager to Strongman
00:46:30 – Recollections and Triumphs in Strongman Competitions
00:54:53 – Creating a Strongman Training Environment
00:58:34 – Obsession and Rivalry in Strongman
– From Strongman to YouTube
01:14:46 – Social Media’s Impact on Strongman
01:19:51 – Podcast Farewell and Exciting Future Plans