Episode 76

Keone Pearson

More Then Just Muscle

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Keone Pearson

Get ready to step into the fascinating universe of bodybuilding with Keone Pearson, a top contender for the coveted 212 Mr Olympia title. Buckle up as we embark on a journey that delves into Keone’s awe-inspiring transformational path and the resilience required to excel in this high-stakes world. From candid conversations about motivation to his unique mental preparation techniques, Keone offers an engaging insight into his preparatory mindset for the upcoming Mr Olympia.

As we traverse through Keone’s professional journey, we shed light on the harsh realities often overlooked in the glamorous world of bodybuilding. Keone’s open-hearted account of his struggles with depression, the immense pressure from social media and the critical role of his encounter with Flex Wheeler is nothing short of riveting. Discover how faith and support networks become paramount during these challenging times.

In the final leg of our conversation, Keone unveils the importance of stepping out of comfort zones and the necessity of a strong backing system for maintaining physical and mental health. His journey from a small town in Georgia to the pinnacle of professional bodybuilding in Las Vegas is a testament to his indomitable spirit. We also discuss his unique preparation techniques for the Texas Pro show and how his partner’s unwavering support acts as his pillar of strength. So, join us for a powerful dose of motivation and insights that promises to leave you inspired and enlightened.

More Then Just Muscle

Episode #76

00:00:00 – Intro

00:04:37 – Success and Pressure in Pro Bodybuilding

00:13:49 – Bodybuilder’s Mental Health Battle

00:25:30 – Past Challenges and Growth in Bodybuilding

00:34:22 – Keys to Success in Overcoming Challenges

00:44:11 – Building Muscle, Confidence, and Relationships

00:51:59 – Suffering and Conditioning in Bodybuilding

00:58:15 – Keone Discusses Mindset and Unique Preparations

01:03:44 – Transformation, Mentors, and Road to Success

01:16:41 – Keone’s Olympia Transformation and Confidence

01:20:51 – No Comebacks, Embracing New Generation