Tristyn Lee - Straight Outta The Lair with Flex Lewis

Episode 57

Tristyn Lee

The Future of Fitness

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Tristyn Lee

On this Straight Outta The Lair episode, I talk with the internet phenome, Tristyn Lee. He’s an impressive young athlete with clarity of vision and maturity far beyond his years. In this episode, we talk about his background, diet, coaching, business endeavors, and the responsibility that comes with influence.

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The Future of Fitness

Episode #57

00:00 – Intro

00:30 – Athletic Background

11:30 – Mental Health

21:00 – Influence

29:33 – Homelessness

31:00 РPEDs 

36:00 – Diet

47:00 – Coaching

53:15 – Where things are going

57:05 – Business