Episode 71

Gavin Bilton

Strongman Secrets Never Shared 

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Gavin Bilton

On this Straight Outta The Lair episode, I talk with Gavin Bilton.  He is a mountain of a man with a competitive spirit and uplifting outlook on life.  We talk about his athleticism in rugby, his military service, competing in worlds strongest man, and surviving a heart attack.  He shows us where he digs deep to push him beyond the limits that others are willing to venture.

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Strongman Secrets Never Shared 

Episode #71

00:00 – Intro

02:30 – Vegas Love

05:00 – Being massive

09:07 – Heart attack

17:00 – Diet

25:30 – Positive Psychology

30:00 – Rugby

41:00 – Talking Trash

43:30 – Upbringing to Army

52:00 – Lifting from Trauma

1:03:00 – Army Rugby

1:08:30 – Jointing strength sports

1:16:00 – Family Trauma

1:35:00 – Current Training